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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Top 5 SEO Extensions for Google Chrome

As we all know there are thousands of SEO extensions for Google Chrome. Here are the 5 SEO tools I would recommend to understand and improve the site SEO factors.

(1) SEO for Chrome

This tool SEO for Chrome provides SEO Tools like to find Pages indexed, competitive analysis, keyword research, backlink checks, pagerank checks etc.



A simple SERPS tool to check the position for a list of websites for a given keyword.


(3) SEO Site Tools

This tool provides the Social Media information, external page data, HTML and CSS Validation etc.


(4) SEO Professional Toolbar

This tool stores the rank and backlinks history for selected sites.


(5) Mozbar 

This tool shows the important SEO metrics and also compares link metrics for Google, Bing and Yahoo! with the SERP.


These SEO extensions for chrome can help you get an overall audit of your website popularity and these tools can help to improve the site performance in a better way.


Clint said...

I'm surprised you didn't list SEO Quake. It's my favorite for sure. Mozbar would be second.

rosylee said...


Nice post. Thank you for sharing this seo extensions list. It is very useful for me. Keep on sharing. I'll look forward for your further postings.

Jeff Philandar said...

Awesome i did use many Extension but now these are looking very well and i really keen to use seo social media in my browser. Thank you for the post.

N I Singh said...

Thanks for providing a list of awesome Chrome extensions. Hope you write more stuffs on SEO.