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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Quick Tips for Successful Press release

Now more people are using online sources to find information on products, services and ideas. A perfectly optimized press release can bring top results for your new heading.

(1) Proofread what you have written. Print it and proofread again. Invest more time.

(2) Identify strong headline and summary with most related & preferred keywords. Grab readers and search engines attention.

(3) Have a professional content writer and provide her/him a draft of your content. Make sure the writer understands the requirement. Read the content two to three times.

(4) Write for your audience. Apart from stating your products and businesses launches do mention about the experience your type of audience will feel.

(5) Have your press release with info-graphics, links and videos.

(6) Use anchor text and hyperlinks to point to your site and products/services page.

(7) Give examples of solutions you have provided with your products & services.

(8) Don't feel shy or afraid of mentioning your success. Highlight your success stories.

(9) Provide introduction for your products and services and for more details, provide links that goes to your web pages.

(10) Write the facts and shorten the story with fewer words with well picked search keyword phrases.


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Its really good to read to write PR news. Thanks Jagadesh Kumar

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That was really a quick tips not really hard to memorize.Thanks for sharing those tips.I will use them as soon as possible.

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Nice article!Press releases is common in the field of public relations.These tips are really helpful.Thanks for sharing such a great tips.

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