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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Part 3 SEO QA - SEO Beginners Questions Answered

Below is the list of questions that were used to reach this blog. Here are the straight answers for the search query.

(1) How to add H tag in content?

H tag can be used for page headings. Suppose if you have body content with different sub sections then you can use H1 tags for main heading and H2 tags for sub headings. In total there are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6.

<H1>Main Heading</H1>
<p>Main section body content</p>
<H2>Sub Heading</H2>
<p>Sub section body content</p>

Note - You may apply your own style for H tags based on the site theme.

(2) How blog help SEO?

Yes blog helps SEO. Search engines like crawling blog topics that are categorized. Read more on Does Blogging help SEO?

(3) How to configure SEO URL on blogger?

In Blogger platform, your post Title is the Post URL, so make sure the title has the best suited topic name with keywords around.

(4) Will SEO change for iPad compatible websites?

Before considering SEO for search engines, users experience has to be considered for iPad compatible websites. Make sure that the site is displayed properly with proper page navigation for iPad devices. On other side make sure that the mobile xml sitemap is created and submitted in Google webmaster tools.

(5) How can improve SEO using site map?

Different level navigation links can be mentioned in the sitemap. Mainly the deep links have to be included in the sitemap as the crawler might find difficult to find the deep links. If it is a large site then a dynamic site map is recommended.

(6) How does Google consider submission to paid directories?

Paid directories with “no follow” attribute to your website is normal to Google. Paid directories can be considered for traffic and not to manipulate ranking. Read more on What type of Paid Directories does Google like?

(7) How to find copy content?

There are different ways to find copy content. Do a Google search of your own content or you may use sites/tools like CopyScape and many. Read 10 Tools to find copy image and content - Ways to fix copy content issue

(8) How to rank a keyword through SEO?

The page should have unique content that interests the users for the specific topic (keyword(s)). The page should have well defined title, Meta tags and topic name in URL and right natural backlinks for the specific keyword(s). Read more on Keywords 101.

(9) How to use keywords density examples?

Keyword density may vary from 2 - 8% based on the competition. The topic that is best than you competitors wins the result. Read more on Understanding Keyword Density.

(10) Keyword frequency in Meta description

There is no fixed numbers on keywords used in Meta description. Make sure that you don’t stuff keywords. I see keywords repeated on an average of 2 times in Meta description and most important is that the page should have quality content.

(11) Google tips for content on a welcome page

The “welcome” page should have at least a short note about the site, its services or products & location that is been marketed.

(12) Google SEO title vs. alt

Title and alt are used for images to describe what the image is all about. Different browsers use different format display the move over text for images. Google spiders will be getting the information of the image by reading the title or alt attribute from the source code. So using either way is fine. Read more on Alt attribute.

The blog post “SEO QA” will be a weekly update. Subscribe and stay tuned!


Gautham said...

Hi Jag, I heard bots can only read rendered text, how does bots find relevancy of a link if i create a video on water saving with keyword sports on video sharing sites and i link the same to my sports website with keyword sports.

Dinesh said...

I heard that building backlinks is not enough one should promote all the backlinks. Please do give your thoughts and feedback if i'm doing it correctly. Is submitting all my backlink URL to Digg, stumbleupon other social bookmarking sites is link promotion. Is this the correct way of promoting my backlinks? it'd be of great help for me if you can give me insights on link promotion.

Jagadeesh Mohan Kumar Nambiar said...

Gautham, People might land for that wrong keyword and in due course based on the time spent / bounce rate / flagging the result will be filtered.

Dinesh, Social inlinks will help plus you need to get related inlinks from content sites. Read "Secrets Behind Link Building"

Gautham said...

Thanks for the response. I've one more doubt regarding duplicate content. My article has been published in another website without giving credit to me. I've contacted the webmaster and the owner, but there was no positive response. Is there any other way to handle this issue?

Jagadeesh Mohan Kumar Nambiar said...

Gautham, You can use this content removing tool http://support.google.com/bin/static.py?hl=en&ts=1114905&page=ts.cs

Prashanth said...

I've designed around 15 websites for my clients of different niche with the footer link Designed by (my company name). I heard that relevancy of a link matters a lot.
My question is
1) Since i've placed link in all 15 websites, which is of not same niche will Google devalue my link?
2) Can i use keyword instead of company name like (Designed by keyword, Designed by keyword2 etc in all 15 sites) is it proper branding or should i go with the company name?

Insights appreciated

Xeanh said...

as a newbie blogger, this article is very helpful on how to handle our blogs and how to maximize our resources.

thanks much for sharing this great article.

Usemeplz said...

Hi Jagadeesh! I'm just a beginner, and this first steps which you described are very important for me. Thank you very much!

Parameshwaran@seo-exper-mumbai said...

yes for a fresher in seo this post is truly relevant for me.

Thank Jag, please do keep coming with more updates on seo

usama said...

Great article. Thanks for the tips man.

Yasir said...

Hi there,

my blog used to rank average of 3 to 5 for my main key term Mobile Movies and other related keyterms, i got page rank 3. from yesterday, i can't find my blog in search results, it is available only if i type my blog name in searches, but not for any keyword. traffic has dropped significantly. My page rank is still 3 but blog is gone from search results. what could be the reason??? can you help me understand and resolve this issue??
my blog is at mobilemoviesite.com, Hope you can help me .