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Saturday, March 07, 2009

30 SEO Tips in 30 Days to turn your website SEO ready

Revised 30 SEO Tips in 30 Days - Explained in Google Knol (Won best knol of the Month March 2009 & Top Pick Knol Award)

Having less time to do SEO by your own :) do not worry, now you have a chance to turn your website SEO ready in just 30 days by applying one SEO tip a day? Here are those 30 SEO tips

Tip [1] Add Titles related to targeted keywords, place only important keywords, do not exceed more than 25 characters
Tip [2] Meta description should be unique for each pages with targeted keywords. Do not stuff keywords into Meta description.
Tip [3] Layout pages with CSS, avoid tables
Tip [4] Add Keywords towards H1 tag as page headlines.
Tip [5] Implement Bread crumbs for increasing web site navigation structure example Home >> Service >> SEO
Tip [6] Create Static Header and footer navigation links, Links should be text not as images
Tip [7] Analyze your targeted keywords using Google suggest
Tip [8] Keywords in navigational links play a vital role and have its own importance to search engine eyes
Tip [9] Use most important keyword in file name or URL
Tip [10] Minimize table especially nested tables
Tip [11] Say yes to Quality links and No to Quantity links
Tip [12] Never try to place hundreds of link for a new site on the very first day
Tip [13] Your targeted keywords need to vary a lot in anchors
Tip [14] Always have a good combination of links from new and old sites
Tip [15] Try writing articles having links and have them in the resource page of your site
Tip [16] Images are important, make sure your site logo contains your keyword
Tip [17] Put CSS and JavaScript into external file / folder
Tip [18] Pay special attention to your content
Tip [19] Make sure to have sitemap as text links
Tip [20] Place robots.txt in root on your server
Tip [21] Create Google site map to your web site
Tip [23] Start a blog and participate with other related blogs
Tip [22] Submit site to open directories
Tip [24] Create feed xml and ror xml for xml search engines and directories
Tip [25] Try to avoid automatic directory submission and build manual links
Tip [26] Monitor your hits and traffic by using free Google analytics
Tip [27] Know how to analyze the reports and to optimize the results
Tip [28] Know about redirection methods and theory - 301, 302, and 200 response codes
Tip [29] Implement, understand and react to website analytics reports
Tip [30] Make your body copy sufficiently long and keyword rich

Quick Guide

If you want these SEO tips in your site or blog as Gadget, feel free to use my SEO Tips of the Day Google Gadget that displays one SEO tip a day in your web page which can even help your site visitors to learn SEO tips and to get SEO and other Internet marketing Tweets follow me @jagadeeshmp , thanks for your time

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    Agent 001 said...

    Thanks for the Gadget. I believe you should have made an e-book out of it. People would have paid you for that.

    SEOcopy said...

    Very nice list. It's simple and straight forward. I appreciate you sharing this. One thing I have noticed is a lot of newbies never understand the concept or principle of SEO theory. Sure the back end and CSS has a lot to do with coding, but in my industry its about engaging, informing and ultimately caring enough about your readers to write what they want to hear about.

    gaz-j said...

    thanks for a great article on improving my seo techniques. Just one thing though, can you tell me what robots.txt is what it does and how it benefits the site in seo terms? I have never heard of using this technique before now.

    Take A Look

    Jag said...

    Hay SEOcopy thanks for your comments


    Robots.txt will tell the search engines to index your site and which pages they should index. Well-behaved spiders will always check this file first.

    Standard contents for this file are as follows:

    User-agent: *

    Hope you got an idea :)

    SEO said...

    I really agree with Agent001.You did a splendid job,people would have paid you for that.

    eCommerce Blogger said...

    Nice tips Jag...Keep writing good and useful contents as always. :-)

    Hey i just wanted to share this with ur audience.

    4 Principles to follow while optimizing your site.

    1. Make your site spider friendly

    2. Grab Relevant and Popular keyword

    3. Write for users with SE's in mind

    4. Focus on getting quality and relevant links.

    Hope you find it useful. :-)

    gaz-j said...

    Thanks a lot for your quick and informative reply. I will be doing more research into robots files thanks to your blog!

    Nickerson Woo said...

    thanks for sharing~it is really helpful for me~and my SEO techniques will improve with your tips~thanks

    GONDES said...

    Thanks for your post ,good luck

    software damage said...

    Thanks alot for these great tips.

    another tip:
    Build RSS feeds using Google FeedBurner, you can display google adsense inside your feeds.

    Search Engine Placement said...

    Wow, great information. I could say my knowledge in seo is already broad but I find it nice to see people giving out tips and new information.

    los angeles seo said...

    Very informative post, very simple yet very easy to understand. Thanks for sharing and looking forward for more informative post in the future. More power to you!


    softlogic said...

    thank u for ur wonderful tips on SEO

    mistipink said...

    Thanks for the tips Jag :)

    sugitha said...

    For what we have to give "robot.txt" http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=156449 it says robot.txt prevent the search engine to index the site

    Jagadeesh M said...

    @sugitha - Using robots.txt you can tell search engines which file to index or which file not to index. It can be your css file, JS file or any private / secure URL.


    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /CSS/
    Disallow: yourfile.js
    Disallow: privatefile.html
    Disallow: securefile.php

    * - means all search engine bots
    /CSS/ - Folder specification
    yourfile.js - File specification

    here a detalied study



    seoraju said...


    I have just found your blog on the internet. I am very much impressed by your seo knowledge and is interested to meet you online. May I get some knowledge of seo from you.

    Waiting for your reply.

    SEO Wales said...

    Great advice on SEO. Thanks for a great article SEO techniques.Your given tips are very helpful for me for increasing my SEO skills...

    Seo Expert said...

    Very knowledgeable post.I have been searching for this kind of stuff to improve my Seo skills.

    WordPress SEO said...

    Really nice.Your tips will help a lot for seo people.Keep going..