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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Does Blogging help SEO?

A much talked about topic of discussion, with respect to blogging and SEO. So does blogging actually help SEO? Well I would definitely say a strong and bold YES!

Having been in this optimization industry for quite some time now, I have always found myself preaching people interested to make their blogs work for them and their organization, about many advantages that blogs are sure to bring, when seen from the SEO point of view.

I have put some of my ideas that I have always found as reasons how blogs can be useful for search engine optimization:

Refreshing and latest content:

Blogs usually contain content relating to the present state and also stuff that is fresh and good to be read, apart from the stale information that has been repeated by every other site. This kindles an interest in the readers to come back to your blog and keep them updated of whatever you write. This helps in getting more traffic to your site, thereby helping in optimizing your site.

Planned writing and proper content categorization:

When blogs are written on specific themes and categorized based on the topics, it makes it much easier for the search engines to spot your blog content easily, as they understand your blog much better when categorized properly.

Easy URL structure of blogs:

Usually blogs have simple URL structures. This helps the search engines to track the blogs easily, thereby conveying the message in your blogs to many other readers out there.

Deep linking:

Deep linking of anchor texts in service related blogs, to information about the product or shopping pages, that are located deep inside the site, also proves to be highly useful, especially for long keyword phrases.

Linking among blogs:

When the content in blogs relate to each other, blogs can be linked together. Also when media attachments like audio, video and the likes are attached to blogs, they attract the attention of readers, which also adds to blog marketing.

Interactive advantage in blogs:

Make use of the advantage of interaction among the writer and the readers, in Blogs, among the readers. This is possible using trackback features, comments section in the blogs and the likes. Also, readers who have liked a particular blog or post, might even mention about your posts in their blogs or any other social media communities, that assists in getting more visitors to your blog, further resulting in incoming links. This, in turn, helps in the search engines to spot your blog easily, thereby ranking it among the top pages.

Register in Twitter.com:

Twitter is one of the best social messaging site that is free to use. Register in Twitter by adding your profile to it. Don’t forget to give this link when you give any good and valuable suggestions in other top blogs, along with following profiles of people who relate to your kind of writing. This way many will follow your profile as well. Now once this is done, as and when you write blogs you can post the link of it in your twitter page. Automatically your (my) profile followers would get the link and they would go through the content as well and also get benefit of tweets. This results in many inbound links and clicks, thereby increasing my SEO ranking as well.

RSS traffic:

Subscription to your RSS feeds would get in a good source of traffic into your blog site. And once the traffic is in, automatically the search engine rankings also increase.

Additional benefits of blogging:

The Directories advantage! Now that your blog has RSS feeds, it is possible that your blog would be clearly seen in the RSS and blog directories and search engines.

Hope above Tips and Ideas will help you understand how much Blog helps SEO :) Try out and let me know your feedback, cheers

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    Daryl McCoy said...

    I agree with the points you covered in your article.

    Blogs usually have the proper tags built into the themes which helps in SEO and some of the plugins available to standalone installs of WordPress makes the creation of an SEO optimized site fall off a log simple even if you don't know HTML or PHP.


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    Brad said...

    I really enjoyed your post. As a marketing professional for the Staffing Industry, I sometimes find it hard to convince people of the true value blogging provides. Most people I speak with are a bit scared off by the time it takes to blog but after providing more detail about all the benefits building a strong blog community can provide, the people that do come around find it an extremely useful tool. Good stuff!

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