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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Understanding Keyword Density

Do you know why your competitor always stands TOP and some goes DOWN to END?

Competitor who stands top all-time understands keyword density, high competitive keyword position can be attained only through proper keyword density and it can be approximately 2 - 8%.

Some list fast and we think how they do, they stuff keywords and dont meet keyword density rule, don’t mind them as a long term competitor, they can be dropped anytime, i have noticed many.

Try out this tool go rank which helps you to optimize websites with proper keyword density ratio

How keyword density been calculated?

Keyword density concerns with the ratio (%) of your keywords added within total number of indexed words within a webpage

Keyword density in % = Targeted Keywords / total number of indexed words * 100 (within a webpage)

Suppose, you have used keyword 10 times on your page and total number of words on your webpage is 200. So in this case 10 divided by 200 = .05

Keyword density is referred as percentage. So we need to multiply .05 by 100 to get percentage figure

Calculation would look like this:

.05 x 100 = 5%

So your page has a keyword density of 5%.

By this you can optimize your web page effectively "matching keyword density, meeting SE algorithm rule" which brings top results on the search engines.

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Arul said...

Nice place to know and get Tips of SEO techniques. The SEO beginners can grow up from here.

Vesna said...

I have a question.
Do the keywords need to be exactly the same?
ex. car sale - used over and over
ex. car sale, selling vehicles, etc


Jag in Twitter Follow Me :) said...

It depends on how much content you have and if the page / site is talking about car sale you can go for sale, sales, selling etc and also you need to check your competitor keyword density and keyword competition in web search, according to it build some quality backlinks for the site / page to respective keywords

Don’t use "car sale - used over and over" you will be blacklisted

All the best

ashish said...

I have one question about keyword if i use some keywords in meta tag then can i use few of the same keywords again for h1,h2.. or in anchor text or in title tag.

Jagadeesh M said...

Yes you can verywell use keywords in Title, Meta description, H tags, Alt and Anchor. But make sure you meet keyword density and do not stuff. First reader friendly, then search engine friendly.

Some part of this Knol can help you on the same.

Knol SEO

Seo Expert said...

Thanks for telling about keyword density.I really need this for my blog.

WP SEO said...

Great information for increasing keyword density.Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

i got a question too...
my blog got banned.....
keyword density was ok..and there was no hyperlink in posts..and when i asked google..he said u tried to achieve more backlinks from your blog posts of this specific blog:( what to do now?

Jagadeesh M said...

Who was the contact person from Google?

Did you build backlinks using a software?

Did you build 1000 of backlinks from non quality sites that looks artificial?

If so remove those non quality backlinks and write good blog content.

You will see the difference.