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Friday, February 01, 2008

Importance of Link Building, Say Yes to Quality Links and No to Quantity Links

We all see that SEO has many factors, out of all Link Building / Link Promotion is a major factor, all webmasters, small scale business owners and bloggers wants to build quality links for there site or individual web page to increase website popularity and visibility. By reading the blog post you can learn various techniques by which you can build quality links for your website / blog.

We see links of various types, before there was a trend of two way links normally called as reciprocal links, now it has been ruled out by most of the search engine and importance are less when compared to one way, three way and ring techniques.

Google, the most important search engine gives importance to one way linking and this can be attained by following these techniques like directory submissions with page rank 3 plus, press release and article submissions depending on the theme and crowd of your website, think of your visitors and submit to most related category, you don’t have to pay for links when you have free quality directories, just educate yourself and get started with DMOZ submission.

Very important thing to be known when you submit your links, don’t submit to deep links, not more than two folder from the root as given in below example,

Good: http://www.example.com/abc.html
Good: http://www.example.com/abc/xyz.html
Bad: http://www.example.com/abc/xyz/123.html
Bad: http://www.example.com/abc.php?id=12

And the page should not have more than 50 to 80 links, also check whether the directories are been able to crawl by search engine, i have noticed some of the directories add no index and no follow to their category pages in order to restrict their page rank distribution, so that the home page has good page rank, but these directories will not survive for long, they will be down after some time in their rank.

One of the major point to be noted is, use your keywords as anchor tags when you build links but do not stuff keywords, make it catchy so that you can improve your keyword online visibility and also referral clicks for your visitors when they browse through the directories.

And also find quality links with the help of Google advanced operator, as below, place it to the search box and click search.

intitle:add+url OR intitle:submit+your+site OR intitle:add+your+site " your search keyword"

One quality links can open your competition, it can win your competition with few wrong links, also you might have amazed on seeing a website with very few links and yet stand in the top 10 in search result, look into the links and recognize the quality of the Backlinks.

Try to avoid automatic directory submission and build manual links, or approach a company who does manual link submission service, Build links and Build your business and website / blog popularity, hope you had nice time with this post, do subscribe this blog to know more upcoming posts.

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seo-tactics said...

That was a very nice and valid post. Its also important that people know one link may not work the same for a Search engines. for example google absolutely loves 1 way links, while both 1 and two ways seem to work well in yahoo and msn.

Jag said...

swmmikHello, thanks for your comments, put effort for one way, three way and ring method, you will know the differencem even in yahoo and MSN cheers :)

Chad said...

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Andrew said...

Very useful topic. Can you please focus on dofollow and nofollow blogs? What does that means? Where can find those?

Pinks Sharmistha said...

hi jag..i didnt understand this search string...intitle:add+your+site " your search keyword" ..can u pls show me an example?

Seo Expert said...

It's very useful for me.Really nice tips,keep posting some more..

Motivation Programs said...

Very informative post,i need this but want to know more about link-building.

Josh Feldberg said...

Thanks for this. Very useful

razi said...


nice info.