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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Yesteday SEO Expert is not Today SEO Expert

Yes, day-to-day we see frequent changes in search engine listings for business keywords and website popularity. An SEO expert should be updated with his SEO knowledge in his day-to-day life.

A good SEO expert predicts where the search engines are leading and moves business a website towards that direction.

Here some tips,

(1) Register in popular forum like searchenginewatch, seochat, like and keep watching the post and try to reply
(2) Analyse and understand the SEO Tools and its
(3) Subscribe for newsletters with TOP SEO's
(4) Make use of SEO pod cast
(5) Don’t miss any conference, seminar or workshop and more

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NY SEO said...

good point.

i keep crying about the increasing complexity of seo and the amount of things to keep track of.

Jag said...

Dont worry friend visit this blog when you get time, you will be updated and also post your questions, you will be answered, All the best

Seo Expert said...

I fully agree with your post.As market is changing day by day we need to update our self with new tools and tips of SEO.Thanks !!

WP SEO said...

All Seo people must read this,it will be useful for you.