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SEO Friendly Flash Web site

SEO Friendly Flash Web site

Flash have been a pain and challenge for search engine promoters.Web sites develped with Flash are difficult or impossible for crawlers to read.But now Fast, and Lycos are reading and indexing flash sites.

Presently FAST is the first search engine to support the Flash format using the Macromedia SDK.By this, Flash sites visibility to the users through search engine is more.Fast search can crawler
both text and link form flash.Google also can extract and index links from Flash files.

Otherwise, flash can be a part of a website for presentations and other part can be ordinary html pages or else use a flash version and HTML version seperately.Flash can be used by humans and HTML version for Search engines.

Now search engine technology is growing well in advance so that we can just relax to see search engine crawler entering any depth of a flash website.

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